Tuesday 24 January 2017

A new inter-agency report, 'Stand and Deliver' has been released produced by the Syria INGO Regional Forum (SIRF) to be launched at the 'Supporting Syrians and the region' event on 24 January in Helsinki.

The report analyses the progress made by donors and host countries towards the London conference commitments one year on, and is a follow up to our report launched in September 2016, 'From words to action'. Its findings show that donors have performed well in terms of funding committed for 2016 (exceeding pledges by 5%) and host governments – Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey – have made significant policy changes to improve Syria's refugees access to education and livelihoods, but more needs to be done.

To fully implement the 'new approach' of the London conference, sustained political will, as well as sufficient funding and technical capacity are urgently needed, and donors and host countries should use the Helsinki conference as a an opportunity reaffirm, consolidate and build on the commitments made a year ago. Therefore, the report recommends that governments must:

  • Take action to ensure refugees from Syria have the right to legal stay, education and to inclusive access to decent work and economic opportunities. Addressing these three areas jointly is central to following through on the new approach outlined at the London Conference.
  • Share responsibility: Donors should follow through on multi-year aid funding at the same level as 2016, continue to extend and expand bilateral and multilateral support to host governments to implement the wide-reaching policy framework agreed in London. Additionally, wealthy countries must increase resettlement to at least 10 percent of the refugee population from Syria by the end of 2017.
  • Respect the rights of those seeking asylum: All countries must allow entry to asylum seekers fleeing violence and seeking international protection.