Child Protection

Inside Syria six million children are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and nearly three million have been forced from their homes. Bombings, shelling and violence are a daily occurrence for Syria’s children, tens of thousands of whom have been killed since the conflict began with many others wounded or maimed. Other child protection concerns such as child recruitment, early marriage and child labour are also increasing in conflict affected areas.

Save the Children's child protection programme provides support and protection through 13 child friendly family spaces that supports children and families’ psychosocial wellbeing and coping mechanisms for children, adolescents and their caregivers. We are also training local community members on child rights and child protection mechanisms, whilst building the capacity of local organisations to address child protection concerns in their own communities.

Recognizing the huge protection needs for children in Syria, we are looking to increase our protection reach by strengthening our referral mechanism, introducing more specialized psychosocial support services for children in need, and integrating child protection activities with other programmes such as education and livelihoods.

Majed 5 years old playing in one of the Save the Children’s Child Friendly spaces in Syria.