Before the war almost all of Syria’s children were enrolled in school. Four years into the conflict, Syria now has the second worst enrolment rate in the world with over half of all children out of school and one-quarter of schools damaged, destroyed or occupied.

Save the Children and our partners are supporting 53 schools inside Syria, and so far have helped 34,500 children, many who had dropped out of schools for months or years, access pre-school and primary education We are repairing and rebuilding damaged classrooms to establish safe and child friendly spaces, as well as providing schools with water and sanitation facilities, distributing thousands of school bags, text books, teaching materials, safety equipment such as first aid kits, and recreational kits which include sports equipment, art supplies, games, musical instruments and story books.

To improve the quality of education for children and to promote the wellbeing of children, we have trained and continue to support over 1,000 teachers. The training we provide includes a package of basic education, as well as ensuring they have the skills to support distressed children, to keep children as safe as possible while in school and to adapt lessons in the event that the conflict forces the closure of their school.