The destruction of health infrastructure, targeting of health workers, and lack of clean water and sanitation facilities, combined with high rates of displacement is putting people, and especially children, at increased risk of disease with limited access to lifesaving health services.

Save the Children, with our partner, is currently supporting six healthcare facilities, five of which provide primary healthcare, and one hospital that provides 24-hour emergency care for pregnant women. The six facilities provide approximately 200,000 people with access to vital medical services including facilities where women can give birth safely. These facilities treat approximately 4,500 patients every week, including delivering more than 100 babies.

Together with our partner we are continuing to rehabilitate and equip other facilities, repairing damage to the building, providing essential medicines, supplies and equipment, and training much needed medical staff to provide high quality healthcare.

The conflict and destruction of Syria’s health system has stopped many thousands of children not be able to access routine vaccinations, causing diseases such as polio that had once been eradicated, return to Syria. Working with local authorities we are supporting mass vaccination campaigns, which to date has ensured 330,000 children have been immunised against potentially deadly diseases.