Shelter and Non-Food Items

Syria is the largest displacement crisis in the world, with more than 6.5 million people inside Syria who have been forced from their homes. While most displaced people are living with host communities, the ongoing conflict, dwindling resources, destruction of homes and infrastructure, and the strain on local families is forcing more and more people into informal settlements were access to essential services is even more limited.

Displaced families have very often fled their homes with nothing, and have been forced to move to different locations on numerous occasions. As a result they are in desperate need of shelter, as well as other essential items such as plastic sheeting, blankets, clothing and hygiene kits. These needs are even more acute during the winter months.

Save the Children and its partners have been delivering essential aid items such as clothing, kitchen sets, and hygiene kits to displaced families in 42 locations in Syria, reaching almost 145,000 people. We have also helped ensure that almost 10,000 people have adequate shelter by providing them with tents or the support to make repairs to their existing shelters.