What We Do

Our goal is to save lives, alleviate suffering and promote the wellbeing of vulnerable children and their families in Syria through immediate humanitarian assistance, longer-term service provision and sustained support for resilience and recovery. This is undertaken through a multi-sectorial approach that includes the provision of emergency aid and increasingly a focus on ensuring access to quality life-saving services such as education and healthcare.

Across northern Syria, Save the Children is providing immediate assistance both directly through our staff on the ground, and through a number of partner organisations. This support includes the provision of food parcels, emergency aid items and shelter, and access to clean water as well as access to essential services including child protection activities, education, livelihoods support, healthcare and nutrition. These activities are carried out in more than 50 locations including 12 camps and multiple hard to access areas in north-west and north-east Syria.

The scale of the humanitarian crisis, the rapidly changing security conditions and limited access as a result of ongoing conflict, continues to severely hamper relief interventions. Despite these challenges, to date Save the Children’s work has reached over 850,000 children and their families.

A young boy celebrates after scoring a goal at a football match organised at a Child Friendly Space run by Save the Children in northern Syria.